Adjustable 40 Caliber Bracelet
These are a must have for any EDC or gun nut. These 12 Gauge wire wrapped in 550 paracord with 40 caliber casings are adjustable. Please choose size by you exact wrist measurement for these bracelets. Example, my wrist is 7 inches, so i wear a size Medium. I like my bracelet with room. For a tighter fit, choose the smaller size. All sales are final. No returms, refunds, or exchanges on hand made goods.

Adjustable 40 Caliber Bracelet

  • There are no Returns, refu nds, or exchanges on handmade goods. All sales are final. 

  • Please allow 2-3 days processing time, and 7 days shipping.  We ship USPS 1st class mail only. 

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